So, that’s me in the mirror. I love coffee and enjoying seeing myself better than I am in actuality.

I am naturally curious in learning the world within and without me. I guess, I am naturally programmed by my last name Diduc or Did-U-C (Did you see?). As long as I can understand the world, be exposed to the transforming knowledge of it and leave it a bit better than when I found it, I think this is the life worth the effort of living.

A few words about my background, education, experience, interests. Here is my LinkedIn profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandru-diduc You can find there a more structured presentation about me. The bottom line is bellow.


  • Theology – BTh at Divitia Gratiae University (Chisinau, Moldova)
  • Management and Business Administration – BA at LCC International University (Klaipeda, Lithuania),
  • Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration at University of Vaasa (Vaasa, Finland)
  • Metal processing – welder at Vamia (Vaasa, Finland), industrial robotics at Teak (Teuva, Finland)


  • Sales
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Car repairs
  • Metal processing – machining, welding, assembly

Interests and Hobbies: I like active team sports like football, basketball sometimes enjoy volleyball, but I am not that good at it which does not obstruct me from the pleasure of enjoying the good company. Also, I play guitar, bass and drums for the pleasure of co-creation with other musicians.