On loneliness

These are the three biggest threats facing the world in 2019

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Posted by World Economic Forum on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

It is quite sad to realize that in the age of connectedness, social media and smart devices which support networks’ creation with the most radical solutions, we are the most lonely generation. Loneliness is the top three challenges humanity faces these days.

Loneliness! Top 3, Karl!

I wish I can propose a solution to such a noble challenge, but along being the most disconnected we also are the least trusting. Nowadays, everyone has his own important opinion. Mine is just another. It is not right nor wrong. It is mine. Given the information overflow and predominant relativism

I think, that we have lost connection with three most fundamental aspects of life: our Creator, our neighbors and our-selves. Science and Hollywood has fed us with the sweet dreams of building the great future where everything is just fine. Why we need a deity in this context, when we can do all things on our own? Let those religious fanatics trust those books. So, the connection to the meaning is gone. Losing God from the picture turns one mind to himself as the one and only authority. I – becomes the new god. Worshiping own happiness, pursuing own goals often at the expense of others, setting high personal egoistic interests leaves no room for other authority.

It is a night here. I will come back to discussing those other two a bit later.

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